Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck
Roosting on the gate

2011 - My second year of blogging in Brittany

I felt I would like to share some of the photographs I have taken so far this year and some from other years. I live in a beautiful part of Brittany and just love being here. It's a lovely place to photograph and enjoy being in through all the seasons and hopefully this blog will show you where I live my life.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Camel in St Nicolas du Pélem and life

Last week I received a letter from Adec Amor who seem to be responsible for encouraging people to do health checks for bowel and breast cancer.  I can’t believe it’s two years since my last mammogram but apparently it is.  In the 90s I had a friend in Cornwall who had breast cancer picked up at a mammogram session and since then I’ve tried to remember to do it regularly.  Now I don’t have to remember as Adec Amor send out letters to remind you.  My next one is going to be on 21 August.  They enclose a long list of places to have it done and my nearest appears to be Guingamp so I’ve booked there.  A very good friend of mine in Cornwall has just had breast lumps removed and is waiting for possible radiotherapy, so  having been thinking about her it’s been very much in my mind.

I awoke on Sunday with the sun shining and just knowing that it would be wall to wall sunshine all day.  Here is my lane early in the morning as I came back from doing the animals.  You can see my house at the furthest point of the lane with the Discovery parked outside. 

I had downloaded the Archers omnibus from the previous week and sat outside listening to that with a mug of black coffee.  Then my worker and family arrived to deliver the concrete mixer that he will need later this week to do the mortar between the slabs on my terrace and they caught a brief glimpse of new cat, Harry, who was at the far end of the garden.  By 15.40hrs it was 50°C in the sun and I was alternating between the shade of the pergola and the tanning sun on the terrace.  Daisy joined me on the new table for a wash.  By 17.55hrs the sun had been off the sensor for about an hour and it registered 31.6°C in the shade.  Even at this temperature I couldn't stay in the sun for long, although I tried while reading.  My arms, chest and back are quite red, but I don't usually burn and have a problem, although there has been so little sun lately that I haven't yet become tolerant to it this year.


Having just finished a very gentle book about a farming family who have to give up their farm appropriately called The Farm by Richard Benson, I am making inroads into a book called The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason.

This book is about an English piano tuner who is commissioned to go to Burma to repair an Erard grand piano in a practically inaccessible place and I'm really enjoying it.

There are some kind people about.  A few days ago I advertised on an expat website here to see if anyone had any  spare roofing felt.  I needed two metres to cover a hen shed.  I had a roll in the garage, but when we came to fit it we realised it was rotten all through.  A roofer replied and let me have the end of a roll for nothing and even gave me some roofing tacks to fit it.  I collected the felt on the way to collect the table and chairs I had won and it's now all fitted on the shed - perfect!

Monday morning and another lovely day.  I was up early and did four loads of washing to take advantage of the drying sun.  At 13.55hrs the sensor was in full sun and it was registering 45.9°C.   Inside, with the doors open to the garden it's registering 24.5°C and rising.  I think it's going to be even hotter than yesterday.

At midday I had a chiropodist appointment in St Nicolas du Pélem and first drove to SuperU to buy some bread.  I was a little surprised to see a camel on the verge by the roundabout!  I drove round the roundabout three times to take photos of the the camel and the llama next to him and also parked and walked up to him to get a better photo.  There were other animals on the verges, donkeys, shetland ponies etc. and it's because the circus is being held in the supermarket car park this afternoon. 

The chiropodist hadn't seen me for two months and reckons I am disappearing.  She said I am lovely enough now I am slim to get a fiancé, but I think that's a pretty unlikely scenario!  She has another patient at her other practice who has lost well after his bypass too, so is used to people changing shape.

Couldn't resist after lunch and braved the swimming pool.  It was apparently 22°C and although I should have hoovered out the eucalyptus leaves which had blown in I decided to jog and swim amongst them.  It was lovely!  As this weather is due to last until late Thursday, I should get a fair few swims in this week.

Three things I like:
1.   A chocolate covered icecream on a stick I found in SuperU which has my absolutely favourite nuts embedded into the chocolate - macadamia nuts - scrumptious!
2.   Getting all the washing dry within a couple of hours of hanging it out - I love this weather.
3.   Finding exotic animals in places I wasn't expecting to see them.