Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck
Roosting on the gate

2011 - My second year of blogging in Brittany

I felt I would like to share some of the photographs I have taken so far this year and some from other years. I live in a beautiful part of Brittany and just love being here. It's a lovely place to photograph and enjoy being in through all the seasons and hopefully this blog will show you where I live my life.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Euphorbias, village houses and flowers on verges

The weather has been glorious for the whole week and everything is growing fast and furiously.  Each time I've been into the local town lately, I have been struck by the beautiful euphorbias at the side of the road.  The yellow and green colours are intense and they are being visited by many, many ladybirds of the six spot variety.

As you drive out of St Nicolas through a wood, Bois de Beaucours, there is this little building.  I've no idea what it is for.  In England it might have been the lodge, at the end of the drive of a big house, but this isn't at the end of any drive.

Just a couple of photos of my new log piles and Alfie in the lane to the woods.

There is a profusion of spring flowers in the lanes of the village - the verges are covered in them - and I have taken photos of primroses, celandines and dandelions.  Followed by details of some of the village houses.

Most of the windows and door panes are coved with decorative net with large lace borders.  I used to attend bobbin lace classes years ago, before I had my children, but this is far more intricate than anything I could have produced.

After the walk round the village, past this lovely narcissus in V & M's garden I came back

into my garden and noticed the little yellow shoots of moss starting to grow on the staddlestone amongst the sempervivums.   

I sat for a while and listened to the sound of a woodpecker in my neighbour's garden, as he drilled into wood there.  I tried to see him with the binoculars, but had no luck.  It's not as warm out there today as it has been the rest of the week, but still pleasant and dry.   Some friends have been telling me that the swallows are already back. I haven't seen any in our village yet this year, but it can't be long before they arrive can it? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Logs, Logs, More Logs and Sunshine

I can’t believe what wonderful weather we’ve been having. I sat out for four hours yesterday and again this afternoon, oiled up and in my swimmer, and came in with sun red arms, chest and face. The sun is so lovely – I’d almost forgotten what it was like to feel the warmth spreading into my bones.   I've even swopped my winter duvet for my summer weight one, as I was too hot overnight.

On Sunday morning the two large farm trailers full of logs arrived.  

My neighbour, Bruno, let the second trailer tip onto his land as I had no more room.

The logs are a mixture of oak and ash, so should burn really well.  Here are friends stacking them for me. 

I reckon they should last me several years – or as some “friends” have said – probably see me out! It’s brilliant knowing I shan’t have to even think about sourcing and buying more logs for such a long time.

Daisy came in covered in fleas a little while ago. I think she must have had her head in an old birds’ nest, and she hates being sprayed, scratching me and making a hole in my new t-shirt. I decided to get her a flea collar and try to do away with future spraying. Now none of my previous cats have ever kept one on for more than a day, which is very frustrating when you’ve just spent out for it. Daisy didn’t like it being fitted yesterday evening and did loads of twisty jumps into the air to try and shake it off, before running around the garden and rubbing her neck on everything possible.

However, today, she seems to have accepted the collar, though still isn't happy with me.  She has calmed down and am hoping to be back in favour before too long. It’s bright red and when she’s facing me head on, it can’t be seen it as it hides in her fur. I wish it didn’t smell so horrid.

A bit of weeding was the order of the morning, interspersed with sitting down in the sun and preparing the chicken and potatoes to roast in the oven. My opposite French neighbour, Sylvie, came into the road to chat while I was weeding the driveway. Apparently one of her aunts has had the parathyroid tumour thing, so it’s not that unusual.  There was a lot of raking up to do on her land with all the moss, ivy and bits of bark that were left behind when all the logs were moved to the stack.

Sunday, 20 March, was the first day of Spring, and my father's birthday.  It's now 104 years since he was born.   The following day, 21 March, saw four of my friend's have their birthdays.  What happens nine months before 21 March to make so many people have babies on that day?  Spring has brought such fine weather that this afternoon we brought out from the garage all the garden furniture.  I have many chairs and tables, which are the result of running a B&B when I lived in Cornwall.  Each part of the garden now has somewhere fairly sheltered to sit wherever the breeze is coming from.  Roll on Summer!