Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck
Roosting on the gate

2011 - My second year of blogging in Brittany

I felt I would like to share some of the photographs I have taken so far this year and some from other years. I live in a beautiful part of Brittany and just love being here. It's a lovely place to photograph and enjoy being in through all the seasons and hopefully this blog will show you where I live my life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Village and The Sunset Last Night

I carried on walking round the village in the afternoon after spending a very pleasant hour or so with my Breton neighbours catching up with recent news  in front of their new woodburner - a very pretty grey/blue colour and giving out good heat.   In the last couple of years they planted young pyracantha plants round their boundary and the thickly clustered berries on them are absolutely gorgeous.

The next neighbour along keeps goats and sheep.  Here is one of his goats tethered on a patch of grass between two barns.  He's an impessive creature with his long horns and makes my little goats look like cuddly toys.

Going further along the lane, the same man has Breton sheep which rarely get shorn and look very taggy as a result. I used to have this type of sheep, Ouessants,in my first and second years here. They are very sweet to keep as pets.

The field round his lake and the grassed area outside his drive has lots of fungi.  I don't know enough about them to know if they are edible, but they are certainly interesting.  There are several different types, but I think this is a parasol of some sort.

A pile of leaves just waiting for a wind to blow. 

It was a brilliant sunset last night and I spent about three quarters of a hour, on and off, taking photographs from the end of my garden. I'm not sure though what happened to "red sky at night, shepherds' delight", as it's overcast and raining here this morning.

My worker is clearing out the garage, which seems to get things dumped there all the time, making it impossible to get any distance into it.  I always seem to want something which is the other side of the space, necessitating negotiating bikes, apple crushers, cat baskets, hay bags etc. etc. and rubbish sacks waiting to be taken to the déchetterie.  Here is a very dark view of one part.   Hopefully, before the end of the week the aim of the exercise can be achieved, to park my Peugeot in there during the winter weather.

Three things I like:

1.   Hearing the rain on the landing window when I am warm by the woodburner.
2.   Realising that the sanding in the garage has finally stopped and it is peaceful again.
3.   Visiting my favourite Breton neighbours - we are the same age and have the same sense of humour.


  1. i really do enjoy your English pictures. Have I told you that I am UK nerd? You will have to allow me my nerdiness. We, too, have to clean our garage. I can get the car in, but that is about all. Good luck on your project.

  2. Andy's out there now. He's sanding the table I bought last week, so even more mess in the garage, but when he's done, he will be clearing up and cleaning up. You're allowed to be a UK nerd, but although I'm English I do live in Brittany now remember! x

  3. Hello Catharine

    I'm sorry I didn't respond before, I don't often go back to older posts. Thank you for visiting my blog - I hope you'll come again! Sandra